Our brothers are committed to giving back to the UCLA community. We have founded prestigious organizations on campus, including Bruin Asset Management, Bruin Consulting, and the Undergraduate Business Society, and continue to serve leadership roles in them. The diversity of our chapter extends to our campus involvement as well - we are competitive dancers, D1 athletes, volunteers, graphic designers, and much more. 

2018-19 Campus Involvement
Name Organization Position
Timmu Yi Bruin Asset Management Senior Analyst
Prachit Bhike Bruin Asset Management Chief Development Officer
Ryan Olstad Bruin Asset Management Director of Recruitment
Neeraj Devulapalli Bruin Asset Management External Vice President
Ellen Chang Bruin Asset Management Director of Operations
Jon Liu Bruin Asset Management Healthcare Sector Leader
Matt Montefusco Bruin Asset Management Senior Analyst
Vinny Sanagala Bruin Asset Management Senior Analyst
Brandon Chen Bruin Asset Management Junior Analyst
Owen Chen Bruin Value Investing Member
Um Chavalitumrong Bruin Value Investing Member
Shuen Chan Bruin Value Investing Member
Alex Lew Undergraduate Investment Society Director of Professional Development
Owen Chen 180 Degrees Consulting Director of Operations
Brandon Chen 180 Degrees Consulting Member
Michelle Kaviona 180 Degrees Consulting Member
Robin Gallaher Bruin Consulting Project Manager
Timmu Yi Bruin Consulting Advisor
Ryan Olstad Bruin Consulting Senior Consultant
Bryan Zhao Bruin Consulting Senior Consultant
Derreck Chu Bruin Consulting Junior Consultant
Ryan Macmillan Bruin Consulting Junior Consultant
Emma Lin Narra Consulting Project Manager
Robin Gallaher Narra Consulting Project Manager
Alex Lew Narra Consulting Client Relations/Business Development
Katyana Nguyen Narra Consulting Senior Consultant
Melody Song Narra Consulting Senior Consultant
Ali Heera Narra Consulting Senior Consultant
Yao Lin Narra Consulting Junior Consultant
Evan Sentoso Narra Consulting Junior Consultant
Brandon Chen Narra Consulting Junior Consultant
Arjun Durbhakula Net Impact Consultant
Liam Roh UConsulting Director of Corporate Events
Matthew Montefusco UConsulting Consultant
Robin Gallaher UConsulting Consultant
Sarah Hidayat UConsulting Consultant
Evan Sentoso UConsulting Consultant
Josh Lee UConsulting Consultant
Lauren Young UConsulting Consultant
Jonathan Liu Sharpe Fellows Banking
Henry Bowers Sharpe Fellows Banking
Neeraj Devulapalli Sharpe Fellows Banking
Timo Yi Sharpe Fellows Banking
Katyana Nguyen Sharpe Fellows Consulting
Matthew Montefusco Sharpe Fellows Finance
Vinny Sanagala Undergraduate Business Society Banking Committee Manager
Emma Lin Undergraduate Business Society Vice President
Owen Chen Undergraduate Business Society Career Development Committee Manager
Timmu Yi Undergraduate Business Society Banking Committee Director
Neeraj Devulapalli Undergraduate Business Society Banking Committee Director
Emily Fung Undergraduate Business Society Public Relations Manager
Arjun Durbhakula Undergraduate Business Society Financial Services Committee Manager
Zoey Chu Undergraduate Business Society Public Relations Director
Emily Fung Undergraduate Communications Association Director of Recruitment
Michael Huang Bruin Ventures Director of Recruitment
Brandon Chen Bruin Ventures Analyst
Allison Eng Alpha Chi Omega Member
Emily Fung UCLA Panhellenic Executive Board Vice President of Programming
Alara Saygi Kappa Kappa Gamma Member
Yao Lin Pi Beta Phi Member
Eleanor Zhu Pi Beta Phi Vice President of Finance
Arjun Durbhakula Sigma Nu Member
Matthew Montefusco Zeta Beta Tau Member
Alara Saygi The Paper Mixtapes Member
Amy Liu The Paper Mixtapes Brand Manager
Katrina An The Paper Mixtapes Marketing Manager
Derreck Chu Foundations Choreography Dancer
Ryan Macmillan Foundations Choreography Dancer
Allison Eng Hui O Imiloa (Hawaiian Club at UCLA) Dancer
Emily Fung Hui O Imiloa (Hawaiian Club at UCLA) Dancer
Jack Zhang Philharmonia Violinist
Kevin Chen Bruin Sports Analytics Professional Chair
Kevin Chen UCLA Athletics Student Equipment Manager
Annie Choi UCLA Athletics Student Equipment Manager
Millen Trujillo UCLA Track & Field/Cross Country Athlete
Karina Finn UCLA Women's Rugby Treasurer
Sarah Hidayat Club Gymnastics Gymnast
Nick Hom Club Golf Golfer
Melody Song Bruin Home Solutions Member
Katyana Nguyen Bruin Home Solutions Member
Katyana Nguyen UniCamp Site Counselor
Hutchison Chin BURSA Director of Finance
Ali Heera Campus Events Commission Concerts Committee
Jordan Lee Campus Events Commission Concerts Committee
Michael Huang Fielding School of Public Health Research Assistant
Michael Huang LA Hacks Finance Committee
Michael Huang DevX Product Manager
Jack Zhang DevX Software Developer
Allison Eng Her Campus PR / Events Staff
Allison Eng UCLA Social Communications Lab Research Assistant
Arjun Durbhakula National Society of Collegiate Scholars President
Ben Mongkolvipakul Student Alumni Association External Relations Committee
Emma Lin Student Alumni Association Internal Relations Committee
Prachit Bhike Student Alumni Association Alumni Networking Series Director
Josh Lee Korean Christian Ministry Christian
Josh Lee FAST UCLA Finance
Nick Hom Daily Bruin Sports Intern
Tina Lu CSSA Project Manager of Career Development
Caitlin Lee Product Space Product Design Fellow
Yao Lin Product Space Product Marketing Fellow
Zoey Chu University Catholic Center Student Leader Team Director of Outreach